Our Space

Open to all. Free. A cool place to work.

We understand that when you’re building a company, you don’t always have the capital to invest in or rent space. Coffee shops and working at home can be uninspiring, lonely, or too cramped. We’ve worked to create a flexible, creative, and inviting space for entrepreneurs to get work done.

Fits entrepreneurs of all sizes.

Whether you are working solo or building a team, there are multiple ways to take advantage of the space. We’re best for entrepreneurs looking for a flexible, conveniently located, space to hold meetings or somewhere to get work done. We take no equity and charge no rent.

Get connected.

Collaborate with entrepreneurs from different industries and at different stages of starting and growing their businesses. Share ideas, resources, or war stories with other like-minded individuals.

Build your network.

Take advantage of our co-located professional services and clinics. Talk with experts who can to help you tackle your most challenging problems.

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