June 13, 2018

Staff Advisory Council | Wednesday, June 13, 2018 | 202 LRC | 10:00 a.m.
Present: Cindy Beauchamp, Sue Dodson, Debbie Flaig, Michele Kennedy, Rebecca Moran

Absent: June Aiken, Essie Auker, Michele Bettwy, Debbie Burroughs, Jeff Covino, Toni Feret, Troy Johannides, Scott Kelly, Donovin, Lindsay, David McGreal, Russell Pentland, Billie Lewis, Rikki Pentland

Call to Order:
Meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m. by Chair Rebecca Moran.
Meeting Minutes Approval:
Meeting minutes from 5/16/18 were approved via email by SAC members: Cindy Beauchamp, first, and June Aiken, second.


1. Salute A Champion Chair Rebecca Moran
a. The Salute A Champion program will continue through the summer months andmonthly emails will continue through the upcoming academic year. Chair Rebecca Moran noted that she will provide Debbie Flaig (incoming Chair) and Michele Bettwy (incoming Secretary) with the material to continue the program.

2. All-Staff Retreat Chair Rebecca Moran
a. Member of the Planning Committee met to discuss the retreat on May 30. A formal meeting should be planned in the coming months to set a date for 2019 and confirm speakers/presentation topics.
b. We received positive feedback from a survey sent to all attendees (38 recorded responses, which is more than 50%).
c. Nearly 100% said they would attend a similar retreat next year (one respondent said “maybe”)
d. In response to “”Overall, how satisfied were you with the event?” Nearly all answered “extremely” or “moderately” satisfied; only one answered “slightly”.
e. Ideas for a future retreat include: Diet/nutrition, teamwork, communication skills, history of Penn State Altoona/local community, meditation techniques.

3. 2018–2019 Staff Advisory Council Elections Chair Rebecca Moran
a. Chair Rebecca Moran reviewed the composition of the Staff Advisory Council.
b. Moran announced the new members joining the Council beginning July 1, 2018: Donovin Lindsay, assistant director of Admissions; Toni Feret, associate director of Development; and David McGreal, men’s basketball coach. Moran reiterated that because two part-time seats are difficult to fill, the Staff Advisory Council should amend the bylaws to only have one part-time seat.
c. Moran thanked Michele Kennedy, past-chair, and Cindy Beauchamp for their years of service on the Council.

4. Long Staff Awards
a. Chair Rebecca Moran will send an email to Cherrie Henry and Chancellor and Dean Lori J. Bechtel-Wherry regarding the selection process and make recommendations brought forth by the Council at the last (May 16) meeting.


1. Staff Advisory Council Submissions
Submission 1
May 16, 2018 9:59 AM

“101 Smith staff puts up a sign indicating when they are closing due one of the person being on vacation or needing to go for lunch, but for those who are not in Smith this is an inefficient and ineffective matter of informing staff and faculty about this.”

Response from SAC
The Staff Advisory Council recommends that faculty and staff members call or email staff members who work in the office of interest prior to visiting an office.

Submission 2
May 16, 2018 2:31 PM
Danielle Fry

“I think it would be wise for the Staff Advisory Council to benchmark how Penn State handles parental leave and then make recommendations to the appropriate decision makers. For a research institution that claims to be a leader in innovation, it seems that we are behind the times in this area. The link below examines the BIG 10’s parental leave policies. https://ir.uiowa.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1132&context=honors_theses

I know this is a giant issue, but I think it is worth exploring as it effects everything from employee burnout and quality of work, to retention of good employees, to community health and well being.

PS- To be clear, I am approaching this from a point of privilege in that I was able to accrue time off to be home with each of my two children for 12 weeks, paid. I know that many of our University colleagues do not have this ability and I am raising this issue for their sake.”

Response from SAC
Chair Rebecca Moran will send an email to the Chancellor and Dean to determine what measures the college and University are taking to address the issue of family/parental paid leave. The Staff Advisory Council determined that this issue is beyond the scope of the Staff Advisory Council. The Council will also follow up with Danielle Fry directly following a response from the Chancellor and Dean.


Next meeting: Wednesday, September 12, 2018, in Room 202, LRC, at 10:00 a.m.

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