September 12, 2018

Staff Advisory Council
Wednesday, September 12, 2018 | 202 LRC | 10:00 a.m.


Present: Essie Auker, Michele Bettwy, Sue Dodson, Toni Feret, Debbie Flaig, Donovin Lindsay, Billie Lewis, Dave McGreal, Rebecca Moran
Absent: June Aiken, Debbie Burroughs, Jeff Covino, Scott Kelly, Rikki Pentland, Russell Pentland
Guests: Tim Kershner

Call to Order:
Meeting was called to order at 10:02 a.m. by Chair Debbie Flaig

Meeting Minutes Approval:
Meeting minutes from 9/12/18 were approved via email by SAC members.

Welcome to All Members – Debbie Flaig, Chair

1. Salute A Champion – Debbie Flaig, Chair

June 2018
Michele Umstead

July 2018
Sherri McGregor
Cynthia Wood

August 2018
June Aiken
Beth Collier
Paul Farabaugh
Cherrie Henry
Deborah Hommer
Lori Lockard
Sherri McGregor
Tatiana Zwerling

2. Long Staff Awards Update – Rebecca Moran, Past Chair
Rebecca followed up with Chancellor Bechtel-Wherry and Cherrie Henry. The Long Staff Awards committee is made up of Chancellor Council members. Division Heads and the Associate Dean also participate in the selection for the Nursing awards. The Chancellor gives ultimate approval of the recipient. Due to confidentiality issues, it would be problematic to have an SAC member participate on the selection committee.

HR prefers that the nomination timeline remain as-is (with request for nominations going out in early spring semester. It is the substance of the nomination overall that helps select a winner, not the number of letters received.

SAC will recommend that the names of those nominated all be included in the program and that nominees receive a congratulatory letter from the Chancellor and Dean.

3. Parental/Family Leave – Rebecca Moran, Past Chair
Rebecca followed up with Chancellor Bechtel-Wherry. The Chancellor is very passionate about this issue and said that the Commission For Women has a task force investigating it. It is her suggestion that the Council come together to form a statement in support of Parental/Family Leave to share with the CFW. Rebecca has volunteered to assist with crafting this statement.

4. Bylaw Changes – Debbie Flaig, Chair
Debbie provided copies of the Bylaws for SAC members review. We’ll discuss changes further at the November meeting.
Group will also continue to look for ways to bring more interest to the group/keep people on the list of nominees. Dave McGreal suggested we have different staff members attend the group meetings to see what we do and, perhaps, say a few words about their departments/what they do. Group agreed that it is important to have the Chancellor continue to stress the importance of participation. Rebecca will talk to the Chancellor about the fact that we need a protocol to make it easier for people to attend meetings despite smaller staffs/difficulty staffing offices due to voluntary retirement changes.


1. Spirit Days – Debbie Flaig, Chair
Committee agreed that it’s important to continue Spirit Days and the Chancellor has approved them beginning 9/14/18. Group also discussed trying office competitions (similar to what the campus did for the 75th Anniversary) and fundraising for Winter Plunge.

2. Sub-committee formation – Debbie Flaig, Chair
Sub-committee #1: Lunch-n-Learn
Topics: Safety/security in the workplace, meet the new hires (ADAA, Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Director of Strategic Communications, Directors of Grants and Research, Senior DUS Programs coordinator), technology trainings, yoga

Sub-committee #2: All Staff Retreat sub-committee
Debbie has asked that staff members contact Michele ( re: their interest in participating on sub-committees. Lunch n’ Learn events would most likely take place on a monthly basis.

Lunch-n-Learn sub-committee:
All Staff Retreat sub-committee: Sue Dodson, Patti Jurcik, Michele Bettwy, Rebecca Moran (chair)

3. New Staff Orientation – Debbie Flaig, Chair
Group discussed some of the challenges facing offices/departments when hiring new staff members and agreed it would be useful to have some kind of checklist of ‘Things to Do’ when hiring new staff. Michele volunteered to take the lead working with Jonathan O’Harrow to add something to the Intranet and spoke with Cherrie Henry who suggested gathering information from different sources, re: where to get the things needed (e.g. Maintenance for keys, OIT work orders for equipment). Sue Dodson and Billie Lewis mentioned having lists of items and will send them to Michele.

4. Chair elect position – Debbie Flaig, Chair
Debbie asked that any SAC member interested in Chair elect contact her (

5. SAC formal budget – Debbie Flaig, Chair
Some offices and colleges do have a formal SAC budget, but we do not. The Chancellor will continue to provide funding for an All Staff Retreat.

6. Chancellor’s Visit (November Meeting) – Debbie Flaig, Chair
Chancellor Bechtel-Wherry will be in attendance at our meeting on November 14 in 125C LRC.


(In order of time received)

Faculty and Staff Phone Directory
Issue 1 – September 5, 2018

The last phone directory generated for Penn State Altoona faculty and staff was Fall 2017. Can a Fall 2018 faculty and staff phone directory be generated? Thank you.

In the past, the HR office provided these listings, but confirmed that they cannot do this any longer. A directory can be found online at (searchable by name, department, office location, etc.) and Continuing Education & Training staff have volunteered to prepare a printable document to share.


Next meeting:
Wednesday, November 14, 2018, in Room 125C LRC, at 10:00 a.m.

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