May 22, 2019

Staff Advisory Council
Wednesday, May 22, 2019   |   202 Eiche   |   10:00 a.m.


 Present: Michele Bettwy, Sue Dodson, Toni Feret, Debbie Flaig, Dave McGreal, Rebecca Moran
Absent: June Aiken, Essie Auker, Jeff Covino, Scott Kelly, Billie Lewis, Donovin Lindsay, Rikki Pentland, Russell Pentland
Guests: Jerry Benito, Cherrie Henry, Drew McGhee, Ginny Norris, Misty Wilt



 Call to Order:
Meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m. by Chair Debbie Flaig.

 Meeting Minutes Approval:
March meeting minutes approved via email.



 Election results Rebecca Moran, Past Chair
New members serving a 3-year term beginning on July 1 are: Veronica Barstow, Jerry Benito, Angel Goldian, Ginny Norris, and Jennifer Sabourin

 2019-2020 Executive Committee             Rebecca Moran, Past Chair
Rebecca made a plea for executive committee members. Debbie Flaig will serve as past chair, but we will need a chair, chair-elect, and secretary for 2019-20.

 All Staff Retreat                         Rebecca Moran, Past Chair
The All Staff Retreat had 60 participants spread between the two sessions. Tammy Miller provided a keynote presentation on motivation and Dani Fry provided team building break-out sessions.

Rebecca wanted to thank the conference committee which was comprised of: Sue Dodson, June Aiken, Michele Kennedy, JP Richardella, Shannon Hawkins, and Patti Jurcik. She also thanked Sean Kelly, Donovin Lindsay, Jonathan O’Harrow, and Jennifer Sabourin for assisting as facilitators.

The event came in under the $2,000 budget. She recommended that whoever plans next year’s event touch base with the Chancellor as early as possible to set things up.

 Staff Awards Update                         Rebecca Moran, Past Chair
Rebecca spoke with the Chancellor and OHR re: listing the names of nominees in the program and sending letters to them. Cherrie Henry said that the two offices are discussing how to handle this in the future.

 Salute a Champion    Debbie Flaig, Chair
Debbie noted that Salute a Champion went really well this year with a busy March. She’ll be sending out the May request for nominations before the end of the month to catch people before they leave. Dave McGreal suggested that we include the recipient’s position/workplace.

 February 2019

 March 2019
Michael Barroner
Jessica Degol
Dorothee Hendoux-Goodman
Jonathan O’Harrow
Heidi Manfred
Kelly Munly
Jason Vogel
Alessia Zanin-Yost
Strategic Communications Team


Just Do It Committee                                                 Rebecca Moran, Past Chair

Rebecca served as the Just Do It committee chair this year. She noted that in recent years, the committee hasn’t been as efficient as it once was. Rebecca and Jonathan O’Harrow recommended to the Chancellor that the Just Do It committee be disbanded but the form for submissions would be updated so that requests go to the appropriate recipient. Example – requests, re: Adler hours would be submitted directly to Brent Baird. The Chancellor accepted these recommendations.

The Just Do It form will continue to exist and be important, but large issues will go directly to SAC. This will hopefully lead to more projects that are intended to better the college going to SAC in future years.

Cherrie Henry Visit                                                             Debbie Flaig, Chair

Debbie thanked Cherrie Henry for joining us to discuss the HR changes and how we get data. Cherrie noted that they don’t have access to much of the employee data up-front. Cherrie recommended that hiring managers contact OIT directly to expediate fulfilling the OIT needs of the employee.

There is a new hire report, but hires won’t show up on it until their actual hire date. She does have plans to send Tim Kershner a monthly listing of hires for the faculty/staff communications. Cherrie also noted that Shared Services @ UP handles the OIT paperwork and perhaps Joanne/Lloyd can contact them to the information.

Hires now take up to two weeks as opposed to a day/two days as in the past. HR Altoona is removed from this process, it is managed by Shared Services.

Debbie asked if an Onboarding/Orientation process at Altoona is viable. Cherrie suggested that orientations come from the department as the systems have nothing to do with OHR and vary by department.

It would be most helpful for managers to provide the list of new hires to OIT/OHR/University Police to get things moving. This won’t speed up things related to Access IDs (as they is dependent upon the paperwork managed by Shared Services) but it may help. It was recommended that this be addressed at Chancellor’s Council, Academic Leadership, and with Hiring Managers.

Cherrie also mentioned reviewing policy HR 102 which has a list of procedures/contacts for when employees leave the University.

Bylaw Amendments                                                             Debbie Flaig, Chair

Bylaw amendment, re: number of members – Proposal to change the number of part-time employees from two to one which in turn will reduce the number of SAC members to 13 effective July 1, 2019.

Addition of bylaw, re: Faculty Senate Staff Senator election. The proposal for Faculty Staff Senators to be a one-year term beginning July 1. Elections shall be held in early April to fill three, one-year terms. Each senator will serve a one-year term commencing on July 1 and voted on by eligible staff (full or part-time) at Penn State Altoona, not including student wage-payroll employees, Executive staff, or technical services employees. Each elected senator may serve up to three consecutive terms and a minimum of one year off the ballot after three consecutive terms.

 Debbie Flaig to send out information to the SAC list re: voting on these bylaws at the next meeting.


Final meeting of 2018-2019 (New Member Orientation)

Wednesday, June 12, 2019, in Room 202 LRC, at 10:00 a.m.


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