June 12, 2019

Staff Advisory Council
Wednesday, June 12, 2019   |   202 Eiche   |   10:00 a.m.



Present: Michele Bettwy, Debbie Flaig, Angel Goldian, Dave McGreal, Jennifer Sabourin

Absent: June Aiken, Essie Auker, Veronica Barstow, Jerry Benito, Jeff Covino, Sue Dodson, Toni Feret, Billie Lewis, Donovin Lindsay, Ginny Norris, Rikki Pentland, Russell Pentland



Call to Order:
Meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m. by Chair Debbie Flaig.

 Meeting Minutes Approval:
May minutes approved via email.



Welcome to new members Debbie Flaig, Chair

Debbie welcomed the new members in attendance – Angel Goldian and Jennifer Sabourin

 2019-2020 Executive Committee             Debbie Flaig, Chair

Debbie reminded the group that we need new executive committee members. Debbie will be past-chair. The chair’s responsibilities include managing the Salute a Champion project.

Positions available include Chair, Chair-Elect, and Secretary.

Debbie also reminded the group that we will need someone to take over the role of All Staff Retreat chair. The foundation for this event has been laid, so the chair and committee will be responsible for setting the date, arranging speakers and food.

 Bylaw Amendments                         Debbie Flaig, Chair

Bylaw amendments were approved unanimously.

Bylaw amendment, re: membership

Number of members – Proposal to change the number of part-time employees from two to one which in turn will reduce the number f SAC members to 13 effective July 1, 2019.

Addition of bylaw, re: Faculty Senate Staff Senator election

Proposal for Faculty Staff Senators to be a one-year term beginning July 1. Elections shall be held in early April to fill three, one-year terms. Each senator will serve a one-year term commencing on July 1 and voted on by eligible staff (full or part-time) at Penn State Altoona, not including student wage-payroll employees, Executive staff, or technical services employees. Each elected senator may serve up to three consecutive terms and a minimum of one year off the ballot after three consecutive terms. Current SAC Faculty Senate Senators are Debbie Flaig, Cathy Kozak, and Dave McGreal.


Reminder: Any issues that come up over the summer can be submitted to the SAC via the form on our website.



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