March 4, 2020

Penn State Altoona Staff Advisory Council

Wednesday, March 4, 2020   |   202 LRC   |   10:00 a.m.


Present: June Aiken, Veronica Barstow, Toni Feret, Angel Goldian, David McGreal, Ginny Norris, Jennifer Sabourin

Guests: Drew McGhee, Rachel Fowkes

Absent: Jerry Benito, Jeff Covino, Debbie Flaig, Russell Pentland

Call to order

The meeting was called to order by Chair, Jennifer Sabourin, at 10:05 a.m.

Meeting Minutes approved:

The January meeting minutes were approved by the committee.






1. All Staff Retreat Update (June Aiken): The All Staff Retreat has been confirmed for May 20 from 8-12pm at the downtown campus location. Jarod Frederick will be presenting. More details to come.                                

2. Salute a Champion (Jennifer Sabourin): We received two Salute a Champion nominations for the month of February. The first was Tony Mikesic, nominated by the IT Department. The second was Noel Feely, nominated by Dorothee Goodman.

3. Staff Advisory Council Elections (Jennifer Sabourin/Angel Goldian): We have six open seats that will need to be filled during this year’s election process. Jennifer will gather the names of eligible staff from Cherrie Henry and put out a request for removal before sending the final list of names to Angel to include in the Qualtrics ballot. The SAC election ballot will be made available to vote in early April so results can be discussed at our May meeting.

4. Faculty Senate Administrative Senators Election (Jennifer Sabourin): We will also be sending out details for nominations for the Faculty Senate Administrative Senator election. We will need to fill three empty seats for the new year and plan to include the request with the SAC nomination ballot.

5. Unavailable Committee Members (Jennifer Sabourin): We noticed that several of the staff have not attended a meeting for the entire year. This could be due to work schedules, office conflicts, etc. We’d like to make attendance by phone optional for those who can’t be physically present but would like to participate. SAC members should contact Angel Goldian at alg177 or by phone at 949-5756 to be added to the call list for 202 LRC. The direct call in number is 949-3149.



 Concern #1 (submitted Feb.5th): Since they removed the gate from the Smith parking lot, it has increased the speed tremendously on the vehicles that park there. Some people fly in and out of that parking lot and no one ever stops at the stop signs. Maybe it’s time for a speed bump at that entrance? There have been several times we have almost gotten hit walking across that lot.

Response: Jennifer Sabourin checked with Rob Hippo, Director of Business and Finance Operations and Jason Salm, Lieutenant, Station Commander, University Police for guidance on the above concern.

Rob Hippo:

  • I had not thought about this when you brought up speed bumps, but Mike noted that we can’t do plowing with speed bumps in the center of that entrance to Smith Lot. However, Mike will look at adding signage to the entrance asking drivers to slow down. Jason might have some other ideas about speed enforcement around campus that might help.

Jason Salm:

  • Offered to assign officers to periodically station near the entrance during various points in the day.  The wanted disregard for the safety of others can be considered reckless driving which is an offense University Police are able to prosecute in our parking lots.  Going through a stop sign at a high rate of speed or driving fast around pedestrians can be a violation. This concern can also be curved by having area supervisors send notice to their faculty and staff about the observed speed issue.

Concern #2 (submitted Feb. 6th by Harriett Gaston): There are students who come to the classrooms and need their pencils sharpen. There is one pencil sharpener in the Smith Building, but there should be more. This could help with allaying students stress levels as they prepare for their tests and exams. Not sure that this is the appropriate place to make this request, but it is an issue.

Response: Jennifer Sabourin checked with Rob Hippo, Director of Business and Finance Operations for guidance on the above concern.

  • Mike Long will have his team look at locations for sharpeners in hallways and will provide additional sharpeners as needed.


 Spring semester meeting dates:

 Wednesday, May 13, 2020, by Zoom

Wednesday, June 10, 2020 (New Member Orientation) by Zoom



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