What and Where

What and Where
Office/Task Contact
Academic Advising Individual Advisor, Advisor’s Office
Adler Athletic Complex John Carey, Adler Athletic Complex
Admissions: General Policies Shari Routch, E108 Smith
Adult Center Debra Flaig, 106A Aaron Building
Books and Supplies Robert Datris, Bookstore
Campus Activities Board Jessie Hurkes, 126 Slep
Career Services Jack Sinclair, Aaron Building
Center for Student and Civic Engagement Danielle Fry, 126 Slep
Chancellor and Dean Dr. Lori J. Bechtel – Wherry, E107 Smith
Change of Campus Gina Baird, E130 Smith
Club Sports John Carey, Adler Athletic Complex
Community Service Danielle Fry, 126 Slep
Computer Center Joanne Peca, 246 Hawthorn
Continuing Education Jack Sinclair, Aaron Building
Counseling and Psychiatric Services Health and Wellness Center
Development Beth Colledge, Kazmaier Family Building
Disability Services Health and Wellness Center
Diversity Student Affairs, 103 Slep
Division of Arts and Humanities Jacki Mowery, 102 Elm
Division of Business, Engineering, and Information Sciences and Technology Dr. Jungwoo Ryoo, 101 Elm
Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Dr. Ed Levri, 101 Elm
Division of Education, Human Development, and Social Sciences Dr. Peter Hopsicker, 100 Elm
Divison of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) C106 Smith
Facility Scheduling https://25live.collegenet.com/psu
Fees June Aiken, W111 Smith
Food Service Alison Bonsell or Shellie Vigne, Port Sky Cafe
First Year Transition Program Harriet Gaston, C112 Smith
Fraternities and Sororities Danielle Fry, 126 Slep
Health and Wellness Center 814-949-5540
Health Services Billie Lewis, Health and Wellness Center
Housing Contracts Alison Bonsell, Port Sky Cafe
Housing: On Campus Tanya Yohn, Port Sky Cafe
Housing: Off Campus Student Affairs, 103 Slep
Identification Cards Port Sky Cafe, Housing Office
Intercollegiate Athletics Brent Baird, Adler Athletic Complex
International Students Student Affairs, 103 Slep
Intramural and Recreational Sports John Carey, Adler Athletic Complex
Keys: Residence Halls Jim Boston, Port Sky Cafe
Lost and Found University Police, Poplar Building
Media and Marketing Shari Routch, Beech House
New Student Orientation Danielle Fry, 126 Slep
New Student Orientation – Adult Students Debra Flaig, 106A Aaron Building
Non-Discrimination Policy Ken Lehrman, kfl2@psu.edu; 814-863-0471
Policy Statement on Intolerance Sean Kelly, 103 Slep
Registrar Gina Baird, E130 Smith
Religious Affairs Student Affairs, 103 Slep
Residence Life Maria Mosley, Spruce Hall
ROTC Craig Jackson, caj29@psu.edu
Student Affairs Sean Kelly, 103 Slep
Student Aid Dr. David Pearlman, W113 Smith
Student Conduct Dr. Jay Burlingame, 103 Slep
Student Government Association Danielle Fry, 126 Slep
Student Handbook Sean Kelly, 103 Slep
Tutoring Services 125 LRC/Eiche Library
University Police Deb Stitt, Poplar Building
University Relations Shari Routch, Beech House
Vehicle Registration and Regulation Deb Stitt, Poplar Building
Veterans Educational Benefits Jean Lasinski, B128 Smith

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