TED Talk Review

I think that my TED talk went very well overall.  It is not uncommon for us to be nervous going into a speech and having to memorize everything so I think it is safe to say I was pretty nervous but I don’t believe from my performance that that got in my way in my performance.  I think that the visuals on my Powerpoint were easily seen and conveyed the messages I was trying to get across very easily and they enhanced my talk and enhanced what I was trying to get across.  I think I was clear and concise in discussing my issue, however, due to time I had to leave out the second shift that has occurred in youth but I will cover that in my paradigm shift essay.

After reviewing my video I did notice things to improve on.  I noticed that I said um and paused a few times and I did forget my place a few times.  I also noticed that I misspoke a couple of times but I quickly corrected myself.  I also looked and referred to the slides a few times to point something out instead of stating, “As shown in so and so” or “Demonstrated by *insert particular description of photo.”  Overall, however, the things that I did mess up on I do not feel like they took away from the overall performance or that they inhibited getting my points across about how serious this issue is.  I think that also my ending may have been better ending with just the quote but the being who you are part further enhanced the overall shift that I was trying to get across and how serious this shift is.  I do wish that I had more time to put in my other shift because I think it would have been even more solidifying that something needs to be done about the attitudes of youth but overall I think it went very well.