Rhetoric and Rosie the Riveter

My civic artifact I chose to present is the Rosie the Riveter posters that were produced during the WWII time.  These flyers were posted to gain the support of the millions of women in the United States to help build supplies for the troops over sees.  For those who may be unfamiliar with these posters they look like the one below (picture link).  They were meant to address the millions of women in certain industries that were the main suppliers to the troops over sees.  This poster uses pathos and ethos to gain the support of the women of these industries.  The feminine appearance and the strong build appeal to the emotions of being feminine and pretty like all women want to feel and the emotion of pride for their country.  The overwhelming pride for one’s country created an ideology that was common to these women during this time from.  This common ideology was to support their country in every way they knew possible and the only way was to create as much supplies as they could in as fast as they could.  Rosie the Rivater

Rosie the Riveter was created to generate pride for women of the United States’  and that it was part of their civic duty to make as much supplies as they could for their troops to win the war over seas.  Kairos played a huge role in the creation of overwhelming pride and to create the common idea that all these women shared.  During the time of these poster’s publications there was a huge war going on with terrible people.  The government wanted these women to create as much supplies as they could.  Kairos allowed for overwhelming emotions to come into play and for overwhelming pride to come over these women to get the job done for their men over seas.

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