The Basic White Girl Trend

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, knows about the basic white girl.  The basic white girl is defined as a girl who drinks a lot of Starbucks, and by that I mean Pumpkin Spice Lattes, wears UGGs, can quote Mean Girls, and takes a lot of selfies.  In my past passion blog posts there has been a history about the trend being discussed and in this week that is not the case.  This trend emerged and has been painted in a negative light by the media and that is why it has made itself here as this weeks topic.  The basic white girl emerged in the past few years and has been ever growing ever since.  The media has portrayed the basic white girl as stupid, promiscuous, and 100 percent enthralled in herself; much like the picture below (link to picture).  However, as this trend took the country by storm the media began to taint its usefulness in society.  karen-if-youre-from-africa-why-are-you-white2

I know it sounds dumb to say that the basic white girl has a use in society but it does.  The basic white girl is a huge part of teenage identity.  There is not a single girl who I have come into contact with that did not go through this phase.  This phase helps teenage girls who are just becoming teenagers to find what they like and to make themselves known as teenagers.  Taking that step into becoming a teenager is a huge part in a girl’s life and this phase of stereotypical behaviors is actually helping shape the personality of girls as they grow up.  They find out what they life and what they don’t like and they begin to understand the corruption of conformity and the power in being unique.  It takes experience to learn certain things and this basic white girl phase is an experience that eventually leads to the understanding of the great power and strength that comes from thinking for yourself and being unique and true to yourself.  The picture below  has some truth to it but it also is helpful in the emerging girls into teenage years and in helping them understand the power in being true to yourself.  basic white girl


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