RCL Outline for Global (Be)er Responsible Day/ “Friends are Waiting”

Be(er) Responsible Day


  • The use of pathos, kairos, ethos, and logos to promote responsible drinking and to promote awareness on and reducing drunk driving
  • Budweiser’s use of the commercial along with the #FriendsAreWaiting to establish these elements
  • The use of relatable animal and person aids this ability


  • The emotional appeal
  • Emotional appeal between the connection of the dog, Cooper, and his owner, Luke.
  • The use of the phrase, “For some the waiting never ends” is very emotional
  • The relationship and bond between Luke and Cooper adds another element of emotion
  • The use of an animal creates another element of emotion
  • Most people can relate to the emotional bond being shown (not necessarily a dog but some connection to someone or an animal)
  • It becomes thought provoking in regards to the emotions it brings up


  • Released on Global Be(er) Responsible Day (September 19)
  • The release date along with the day creates an element of persuasion to deter people from drunk driving and to make them more aware of the dangers that surround drunk driving


  • Anheuere Busch is a beer company
  • They have credibility in asking people to drink their beer responsibly
  • They have a greater impact on the day because they are a beer company asking people to be responsible and to not let their “friends” down
  • They have the credibility because of the followers they have
    • Do research on how many followers/ how big their impact is


  • With the introduction to Global Be(er) Responsible day and the “For some the waiting never ends” it elicits a response to these that caused to further research
  • Statistics from ab-inbev.com demonstrates the website for the organization who promotes this day
  • From newsroom.anheuser-busch.com Anheuser explains the commercial and explains what they are doing and what this commercial is trying to do
    • Do research on “how many don’t come home”/ “how many the waiting never ends”
    • Research on how many people are given safety tips, drinking tips, designated driver tips
  • Because of the response and guilt this commercial elicits you want to do more research which is where the logos come into play


  • Use of pathos, kairos, ethos, and logos to promote safe drinking and to reduce drunk driving
  • Conclude and tie together all points


5 thoughts on “RCL Outline for Global (Be)er Responsible Day/ “Friends are Waiting”

  1. You have a great layout so far for your paper. There is sufficient information so I assume that you wrote a very strong paper! The artifact itself is very interesting and I am really pulled in by the title “Be(er) Responsible Day. Great hook, great post!

  2. Nothing makes people emotional than a cute dog, which makes this ad very successful. Make sure you’re not just describing the ad and that you have a so what factor. How does the rhetorical devices further its message?

  3. I liked the format of this blog post because it was easy to follow. I can see that you know how you want to organize your essay. Good job!

  4. Hello! I think that this is a good start to your rhetorical analysis essay, but I think that if this is what you are going to pick, you should outline your introduction and conclusion in a different way. I feel as though you might end up summarizing based off of this outline or being excessively repetitive. Remember that an introduction does more than state “this is my topic” and a conclusion does more than summarize. It is an extension and final thought that you are leaving with the reader. It is that final push that can bring your paper from a B to an A, so make sure that you leave the reader with a “pow.”

  5. This sounds like a good artifact to write about. There is definitely a lot of material to work with. I was thinking about doing something similar initially. Also, this is a nicely organized outline. –katie

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