Stereotypes Movie Media Can’t Avoid

For this one I did some actual research to make sure these were actual stereotypes that could not be avoided.  Stereotypes in the movie media is media false portrayal as well and for the next few passion posts will be about the false movie media that the movies cannot avoid.

For this post it will be about how movie media cannot avoid the fact that women are only there to talk about men; they have no other real function or are depicted as real people.  There is not a single movie with multiple female characters that have no talked about men at some point during the movie.  Movies that make no sense fulfill this stereotype such as Underworld, The Dark Knight Rises, and Pirates of the Caribbean.  There are also the movies that obviously fulfill this stereotypes like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Sex and the City. The movie media goes wrong in this portrayal because they represent women as boy crazy and as not real people.  Women, in real life, don’t walk around talking about guys every minute of every day when they are together.  If the media portrayed what it is actually like in real life men would be talked about maybe 1/16 the amount of time that film depicts that we do.  However, there are a handful of films that actually fail the test (Bechdel Test). The Bechdel Test is a test

that was designed to determine whether or not the strong female characters talked about men or not.

If the media begins to keep this up it continues to make females and female roles look bad.  Not only does it make the female roles and actresses look dumb and boy crazed it makes the female population look dumb as well.  In real life it is not like that and by looking at movies you would think we are.  By having this false portrayal it makes women look weak compared to men who do the actual work and who don’t concern themselves with women.  In real life women work just as hard as men and talk about the opposite sex just as much as the opposite sex does about us.  It doesn’t make sense that movies cannot seem to avoid this stereotype and quite honestly it should be offense to the female population.

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  1. You make some really interesting points throughout this post. I find it very interesting that there isn’t a movie that features women who do not talk about men at all. That is sort of sad; directors make it seem like women are nothing without men. Hopefully this will be changed in the near future as equality in society between men and women becomes a more and more relevant issue. Great post!

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