Stasis Theory RCL Post

Paradigm Shift: Acting of Age

Interest:  I am interested in this topic because it is concerning and has continued to grow as an issue.  Children are getting younger and younger when you see that they start to care more about self image and when they start experimenting with drugs, drinking, and sexuality.  It also interests me because I have two younger sisters and a younger brother and it worries me that they will fall victim to this change and not have the worries of a child like I did when I was younger.


  1. The facts are that children are experimenting and becoming obsessed with self image at younger and younger ages than they used to.
  2. There is a problem because this will affect youth health and development and it will also affect youth mental states as well.
  3. In terms of beauty and body obsession it started with media and it is caused by the constant change in media and what is considered perfect or beautiful.  In terms of partying and experimenting it most likely started through watching older siblings or through media glorifying the subject.  It is continued to be caused by peer pressure and media influences as well.
  4. The change in attitudes in the media and in the amount of peer pressure has begun to affect and change the attitudes of youth.
  5. It can be changed but in order to do so the media needs to change and be held accountable for their part in this shift.


  1. The nature of this problem is adolescent behavior and the changes occurring within the attitudes of them.
  2. The exact problem is the increasing of age acting and the decrease in which this is occurring at.
  3. The kind of problem this is concerned with is youth and media culture.
  4. The parts are family, media, and other youth and they all go hand in hand in creating a certain idea in which youth are supposed to or is the cool way of thinking.


  1. This shift is a very bad shift.
  2. The problem continues to get more serious as the ages continue to drop because it affects mental and physical health.
  3. This issue affects anyone from individuals to families to alcohol companies and contraceptive companies as well.  Pretty much everyone is involved in this issue in some form.
  4. If we don’t do anything about this problem the ages continue to drop and we see more and more detrimental affects on youth and youth attitudes.
  5. The costs of solving this problem more affects companies that are gaining from this issue such as alcohol distributors.


  1. Action should definitely be taken.
  2. Parents, schools, companies, and social media, and media in general should all help in solving this problem.
  3. Kids should go back to acting their age and to stop worrying and trying things they shouldn’t be worried about is what should be done.

5 thoughts on “Stasis Theory RCL Post

  1. Great topic! I think it is a good topic to use considering that it is so relevant to not only our generation but younger generations as well. I have definitely seen the influence that media has had on people based on the models and photoshopping that they use not only in magazines but on TV as well. Looking forward to the research and facts you use to support your argument.

  2. I really like your topic but I think you might want to narrow it down either focusing on media, or peer, or family influence on these young people. Also there is a distinct difference between how boys and girls are raised, which is currently a hole in your argument so either narrow it down or address the difference. It also might be helpful to narrow down the aspect of the problems, either beauty standards, partying expectations, or cool.

  3. Hello! I think that this could be a very interesting and successful topic. Perhaps you can look into some statistics on how teens feel about themselves and how they think the media affects their self-image. I am sure that someone out there has done a survey similar to your topic. However, good topic choice!

  4. I really like this topic! I think that since it is a topic you can personally relate to, it will be easy for you to come up with a solid argument. Your research is also going in the right direction. I agree that this is a problem and it will be interesting to see the solution you come up with for it.

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