Movies Can’t Avoid…Outward Beauty Makes You Special

This week for the passion post I will continue with the unavoidable stereotypes in movies and for this week it is the stereotype that outward beauty makes you special.  This stereotype is in pretty much every Disney princess movie and just about all other movies in which main characters are female.  It comes in many forms as well.  As far as the Disney princess movies go every single princess is beautiful and skinny and the epitome of being perfect and all of them get noticed and get the special treatment.  If you notice all of the oppositional characters are ugly.  In other movies such as Sex and the City, Dirty Dancing, Grease, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and many others they all fulfill this stereotype.  In each of these movies the strong female characters that get noticed or who get the most attention are beautiful and skinny.  It has been a continuing trend in movies and it causes serious problems for younger children especially.  Not only causing problems but it is also highly offensive to the people out there who are not the definition of perfect based off of these movies; it hurts their self esteem.

This stereotype because highly offensive because it contributes to the low self esteem in young women, adults, and children.  There are very little movies, if not none, that show the less attractive, heavier female as the lead that gets the most attention.  This is the part that lowers individuals self esteems.  It is hurtful to watch the pretty girl come out on top every time and it resonates with some people.  It enhances the body images that are already being put out by the media that have already caused problems in regards to self esteem.  It also shows that the 00 princess perfect girl gets the attention from all the guys.  This also gives people the understanding of what reality is.  It also hurts younger children in understanding what reality is and what it means to be beautiful.  Beauty is within and is measured by who the person is not by what the person’s appearance is.  This stereotype needs to be moved away from in movies and they need to strap on the realistic sense of reality.

4 thoughts on “Movies Can’t Avoid…Outward Beauty Makes You Special

  1. I was thinking about this the other day actually. I was wondering as to why every Disney movie that involves a princess who depends on a man to make her happy? I think that it’s really unfair to us women to reflect the idea that we need a man to be happy. Disney movies are obviously amazing and pretty much everyone’s favorite, but they do indeed have some unnecessary and sexist stereotypes that I would love to see gone.

  2. Hello! I enjoy reading your analysis of the stereotypes in movies. I agree that this archetype can create issues for young girls that are shaping their image of life. Beauty standards are clearly a huge issue in today’s age.

  3. I like how your do not just analyze the stereotype, but you also analyze its effects on people. I never really thought about this trend in movies, but after reading your blog I can not think of a movie that does not have a skinny and beautiful main character. I agree that this is a problem with movies today and has a lot of negative effects on young girls.

  4. I agree that this practice is highly problematic, especially for impressionable young girls. The media has a large influence of shaping our ideals and perceptions of normal. The media constantly reinforces this ideal of beauty, which as you mentioned is thin, and conventionally beautiful. This beauty standard is also white, which you don’t touch on, but is truly insidious. The beauty standard needs to be changed to be more inclusive, especially for young girls.

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