Ted Talk: Crisis Line


This Ted Talk is one of my favorite Ted Talks I’ve seen.  I like this talk because it is so relevant and it is so inspiring.  I think the part of this talk that made this so successful and that this is so inspiring is due to the way in which she speaks and the way in which she addresses the situation.  She doesn’t just start out by saying the facts of the hotline she starts out by stating something that gets the attention then hits with the actual problem/issue being addressed.  There are no visuals throughout this because for this particular talk it is more powerful to leave them out and she knows that.  For me, this will help me improve my talk by getting me to understand which visuals I should use and which I should not.  It will make me think that maybe I don’t particularly need that visual.  Maybe it is more powerful to go without that visual.  I think it is very important to know what is more powerful and this video will help me to know what is more powerful, with or without this particular visual.  Also, the way in which she talks about her topic is something to take away from this as well because you can hear the passion but it is not over the top and in your face.  She also uses a lot of statistics but they are not all crammed together in the beginning, middle, or end and are spread out; this is something else I can take away from this talk as well and apply it to my talk.

5 thoughts on “Ted Talk: Crisis Line

  1. It sounds like this TED talk really helped you form the way you were going to present your TED talk, and that’s awesome! I find it really interesting that she didn’t use any visuals in her TED talk because I suppose it was a way to get the audience to focus more on what she was saying and the messaging she was portraying rather than showing the images of what was going on. I also really enjoyed this TED talk.

  2. I’m not exactly sure what your topic is, but I think that using no visuals would not be a good choice for this assignment. I’m pretty sure that part of our grade is on the effectiveness of our visuals, and it’s hard to determine that when there are none. However, I agree with you that a good hook is important, and you should definitely incorporate that into your presentation.

  3. Hello! I think that you did a good job with this post, and through writing this post, you have prepared yourself well to give your Ted Talk. It is definitely a good idea to space your statistics and such out when giving your own, and I wish you luck in that process.

  4. You did a really nice job analyzing this TED talk. It seems like it really gave you a lot of good tips on how to do your own talk. It is interesting that she did not use any images to support her argument, but that just goes to show that if you are so passionate about a topic, your passion will grab the attention of the audience. Your analysis was so in-depth I feel as if I learned a lot of helpful hints as well!

  5. This sounds like an interesting TED talk! I agree that the initial hook is important especially for TED talks because if you’re not drawn in initially, you will be more inclined to switch to another one. I’m not exactly clear on what this TED talk was about, but you did a great job of analyzing and realizing how she made her talk. It sounds like you know what aspects you want to use in your speech. Make sure the content is there too!

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