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I think that my TED talk went very well overall.  It is not uncommon for us to be nervous going into a speech and having to memorize everything so I think it is safe to say I was pretty nervous but I don’t believe from my performance that that got in my way in my performance.  I think that the visuals on my Powerpoint were easily seen and conveyed the messages I was trying to get across very easily and they enhanced my talk and enhanced what I was trying to get across.  I think I was clear and concise in discussing my issue, however, due to time I had to leave out the second shift that has occurred in youth but I will cover that in my paradigm shift essay.

After reviewing my video I did notice things to improve on.  I noticed that I said um and paused a few times and I did forget my place a few times.  I also noticed that I misspoke a couple of times but I quickly corrected myself.  I also looked and referred to the slides a few times to point something out instead of stating, “As shown in so and so” or “Demonstrated by *insert particular description of photo.”  Overall, however, the things that I did mess up on I do not feel like they took away from the overall performance or that they inhibited getting my points across about how serious this issue is.  I think that also my ending may have been better ending with just the quote but the being who you are part further enhanced the overall shift that I was trying to get across and how serious this shift is.  I do wish that I had more time to put in my other shift because I think it would have been even more solidifying that something needs to be done about the attitudes of youth but overall I think it went very well.

5 thoughts on “TED Talk Review

  1. I think you have a really healthy outlook on the TED Talk experience. It seems like you worked really hard on coming across clearly even though you were nervous, which is awesome! I’m sure you did a nice job!


  2. I really wish I had been able to see your TED talk because I think you had some very interesting points to talk about. I can definitely relate to how you said you were nervous, I was so afraid I was going to blank and forget my entire talk. It was the first time I had ever done something like a TED talk, but I did enjoy the experience. I too stumbled on my words a few times and said “uh” maybe one time too many, but that’s okay! This helped up improve our public speaking I believe, and I am sure you did a fantastic job!

  3. Hello! I think that you did a great job addressing your own speech and pointed out the things that you did well and what you did not do well! I am sure that we all were at least a little nervous going into it, so I am sure that you did great!

  4. This was a good balance of your strengths and weaknesses. I agree that visuals are very important in this kind of talk/speech. It sounds like your TED talk was overwhelmingly successful so congratulations!

  5. I think you did a good job of recognizing your strengths and weaknesses in your TED talk. It seems like it was very successful. It would be nice to see what you thought of the TED talks of the other people in your group as well, but nice analysis!

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