Work In Progress Week 10

For the advocacy project, I was planning on covering the amount of food that Americans waste every year. Its topic that I feel isn’t overly done, and is a rather significant problem that is not frequently seen in the media. The purpose of the project is to get more people to be conscious of how much food they waste each year, and for them to lessen the amount of wasted food they throw in the trash each year. Our strategy (I’m hopefully working with a partner on this one) is to have a visual 20lb pyramid of food be put in some public place for a day on campus. Of course this visual representation will be accompanied by posters and what not to bring awareness to this issue. By the way, the food used in the pyramid will be donated, so no ironic wasting of food in the visual component. We are also planning on filming this and using some of the footage to make a small film on the issue. Our audience really is anyone who sees the project, since its kind of hard to miss a 20lb mound of food. Kidding aside we feel that when you see something physical with your own eyes, and not just on the TV, you are more likely to be compelled to action. Like in my civic issues blog, showing statistics and pictures of dead fish from marcellus drilling accidents is not going to get the average person to do much. But if they were to see the fish kill first hand, where all the senses can take in the situation and show how terrible such an environmental disaster is, it brings that problem to a more personal level. Even the most pro-drilling individual would agree upon witnessing such a tragedy that more environmentally friendly techniques must be used.

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