Become an editor with SOAR: The Society of Americanists Review!

SOAR: The Society of Americanists Review is currently seeking to fill a variety of editorial positions as the journal begins operations in the 2017-2018 academic year. These positions include:

• Two senior editors
• Two associate editors
• One features editor
• One book and media review editor

Interested candidates should send a letter of interest describing a strategic vision for their editorial term and current CV to

SOAR is seeking submissions as it begins publication in 2017!

SOAR: The Society of Americanists Review is currently seeking to develop a pipeline of high-quality submissions for our upcoming volumes. Submissions are encouraged on all topics and methods in the cultural study of the United States. Special volume, special section or feature, and review proposals are also welcome.

The journal publishes work in a variety of formats, including research articles; forum, discussion, memorial, and state-of-the-field essays; dialogues and interviews; reports on programs, organizations, and pedagogy; as well as book, exhibit, and media reviews. Multimedia content is encouraged and can be accommodated at the discretion of the editors. Submissions undergo a rigorous multi-tiered peer review process which includes the journal’s editorial staff, advisory board members, and external reviewers.

For further information about the journal and its submission process, visit SOAR’s website at:

The Society of Americanists to launch next spring!

The Society of Americanists (SOA) is a coalition of persons, organizations, and academic programs devoted to the study of the United States. SOA has as its purpose fostering integrated studies of American history, society, arts, and culture in all their aspects; providing a forum for discussion of scholarly and professional issues among its members, including an annual conference and communications;  and promotion of the profession of Americanists devoted to the study of the United States in a global context.  Its distinctive niche in the organizational landscape of learned, professional societies in American Studies is to represent the discipline and profession of Americanists and advance analytical approaches to the research and interpretation of the United States.

We will be launching the society at our inaugural conference in the spring of 2017. The SOA’s new flagship journal, SOAR: Society of Americanists Review will begin operations later this year. For more information about the SOA or SOAR, email to