SOAR: Society of Americanists Review

At the inaugural meeting, the SOA will launch its new flagship publication SOAR: Society of Americanists Review. Drawing on scholarship in the fields of history, literary studies, media and communications, anthropology, folkloristics, sociology, and American studies, among others, this journal’s mission is to bring together an interdisciplinary and international conversation on the history, culture, and social life of the United States.

In its early stages, SOAR will be published once annually in an open-access online format using an OJS platform hosted by the Pennsylvania State University. All journal content will be made available online at no cost, but the journal will also be made available for purchase in an on-demand printed form as well. While it is initially planned to be published only once annually, the long-term goal of the editors is to build toward a quarterly publication schedule by 2020.

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Editorial Advisory Board Members

Mohammed El Amine Moumine Mohammed El Amine Moumine (Hassan II Mohammadia University, Morocco)

chaplinphoto2012v2 Joyce Chaplin (Harvard University, USA)

deloria Philip Deloria (University of Michigan, USA)

DSC_1887 Cheryl Keyes (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)


Hideyo KonagayaHideyo Konagaya (Waseda University, Japan)


l-marx-brooding-small-web-3 Lesley Marx (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

mcgowan Philip Mcgowan (Queen’s University, Belfast, UK)

mechling_lg_1 Jay Mechling (University of California, Davis, USA)

carroll_pursell_image Carroll Pursell (Australia National University, Australia)

ericsandeen Eric Sandeen (University of Wyoming, USA)

navneetsethi Navneet Sethi (Jawaharlal Nehru University, India)

sollors Werner Sollors (Harvard University, USA)

szurmuk Mónica Szurmuk (University of Buenos Ares, Argentina)

zamir Shamoon Zamir (New York University, Abu Dhabi)