Topic 7

Blog 1 of 3, Evaluating emerging technologies The approach to evaluating emerging technologies that resonated most was Gartner’s Toolkit Best Practice: Seven Factors to Evaluate When Justifying Investments in Emerging …

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Topic 6

Topic 6 Blog 1 of 3, Emerging business architecture; changing role of EA and IT For my first post, I want to focus on the value of Business Architecture.  Business …

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Topic 5

Topic 4

Blog 1 of 3 – Technology Infrastructure Architecture As I mentioned before, I’m not a technologist. For this first blog on this topic, I decided to hone in on the …

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Topic 3

Blog 1 of 3 — Data / Information Architecture Layer In reflection this of this week’s readings, what resonated most for me were the Gartner articles describing the Enterprise Information …

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Topic 2 Posts

Topic 2 Blog 1 of 3 – Application Architecture Layer This week’s readings covered a lot of topics.  When I came back to the blog topic of “Application Architecture Layer” …

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Topic 1 Posts

Topic 1, Post 1 of 3 — EA Stack: For this first post, I wanted to focus on what is described as the EA Stack.  “The Back to Basics – …

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