Since 2007, I have provided course related instruction to students in various disciplines including: Biology, Communications, Business and Marketing, Information Sciences and Technology, and General Education courses such as English and Speech.  Typically teach 35 classes per year across disciplines.

  • Partner with faculty to provide customized instruction for their courses, and update instruction to reflect changes in student needs, and new course objectives or assignments.
  • Form partnerships with faculty, particularly in the area of Communications, which translates into in-depth instruction for students.
  • Serve as a research advisor for the Communications Senior Research projects, a one or two semester long capstone project required for graduation.
  • Serve as Embedded Librarian in one Effective Speech course per year, attending typically 75% of the class meetings, and providing instruction formally multiple times over the semester.
  • Through professional development opportunities like ACRL’s Immersion program, I continue to refine my teaching, particularly in relation to connections with faculty and university goals.