Hello world!

I first made this site in August 2015. It’s February 2017 now, so it feels like it’s about time for an introductory blog post, which is coincidentally also this blog’s first post ever. Hello, world, I am just another one of those strange human beings walking around and trying to make something out of this life. Right now, this means grad school and very serious potentially-Doctoral business, which is mostly what I’m going to be griping writing about.

If you’re wondering about the kind of work that I do, please take a look at my vitae. My interests lie in public health and social data, particularly in adopting new technology to improve our understanding of, and the way we interact with, an increasingly digital world, whether that’s through wearables, fitness trackers, or Twitter. People are the most interesting puzzles out there and I am lucky to get to work in this area.

The rest of my life outside of grad school is generally spent thinking about grad school, doing yoga, and, most often of all, Netflix. All these things will probably make their way onto the blog in some way or another (except maybe Netflix). Welcome to my blog!