What is a Thesis?

The readings for Sunday, August 30th focus on writing a thesis from three angles:

First, Skwire & Skwire (2011) argue for The Persuasive Principal, guiding you towards more compelling writing that is interesting to read.

Second, Lange (2012) explains “How to be an Architecture Critic” and uses examples from our specific field.

Finally, Spector and Damron (2012) illustrate how to craft an architectural thesis.

For your reflection notes in the event’s comment section, please provide your reaction to these readings by answering the following questions and/or responding to the comments of your classmates:

  • What does having done the reading mean to your current or future practice of architecture?
  • What do you agree with?
  • What do you disagree with (you must disagree with something)?
  • What did you try to—but still don’t—understand?
  • Why does this writer’s work matter to the field of architecture?

photo credit: Luciti via photopin cc

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