SD Design Statement

Greenpoint Brooklyn, being an up and coming area for new residential and commercial high rises is in need of a new firehouse to provide sufficient services to the increase in population. The building is situated on the corner of Quay Street and Franklin Street, becoming a hinge point between the old (facing the industrial avenue of Brooklyn) and the new (facing the East River and Manhattan). The building faces Franklin Street, the more active of the two streets. The stacked programs, provides height to compete with the new high rises and becomes more private as you move up. The central circulation “rod”  allows for program to be pushed and rotated on it, creating terraces, view corridors, and optimal thermal barriers. The angled window wall facades and terraces frame specific views of Manhattan and  create areas of rest and  plant growth. The temporal boundaries of the building help situate it in its changing environment.



Architects: Paul Davis + Design Partners


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