Audience Pecha Kucha (5%)

Due: Sunday, August 30th @ 9pm, uploaded to ANGEL

Your writing for this semester will be for a specific architectural audience. The purpose of this “Audience Pecha Kucha” assignment is for you to more deeply understand the audience in a single forum, as well as to hear from your classmates about other audiences available for your term writing. To complete this assignment:

  1. Visit the page of architectural periodicals and examine a few of the periodicals listed.
  2. Select one periodicals to examine more in-depth. Note: Each source may be presented by only one person. Next, edit the Periodical page & change the periodical name style to “strikethrough”, and put your name in parentheses at the end of the line. Rebecca will demonstrate how to do this in class.
  3. Examine the periodicals in depth, reviewing at least two issues of the source, and reading at least two full articles (> 500 words) in each source.
  4. Prepare a short Pecha Kucha presentation (typically 20 slides, autoforwarded every 20 seconds, examples here, but for this assignment you will have only 6 slides, autoforwarded every 20 seconds) that answer the following questions, using evidence from the periodical to support your answers:
    • What topics does the source cover?
    • Who is the typical audience of the periodical?
    • Are there different types of articles?
    • What types of articles are in this source?
    • What does a typical “issue” of the source look like? Online? Printed? Lengthy?
    • How frequently is an issue produced?
    • How many articles are in a single issue?
    • What is the article length (words)? Is it typical for all articles, or does it vary?
    • Is your interaction with the periodical a beautiful experience? If not, why not? If so, why?
  5. Pick at least two other students in the course, and combine your slides into a single presentation. Upload the presentation to ANGEL by the due date.

Evaluation of this assignment will be according to the Pecha Kucha Evaluation Rubric.

photo by David Kent

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