Final writing submission (10%)

Due: Sunday, December 13th @ 9pm, as a Revised Blog Post

Your final submission will be a 1500 word blog post that demonstrates a thorough understanding of context, audience, and purpose:

  • It should be clearly organized, using relevant evidence to support a coherent and imaginative main idea.
  • Supporting ideas should also include illustrative evidence rather than opinions, and the paper should include an acknowledgement of opposing arguments.
  • Your minimum six sources should be of high quality, credible, and relevant to the point you are making, and seamlessly integrated into the argument (and none from Wikipedia).
  • The writing should be easy to follow, using graceful language that skillfully communicates meaning to readers with clarity and fluency, and is virtually error-free.
  • Conclusions should be logical and reflect your informed evaluation, placing evidence and perspectives discussed in a hierarchy of priority.
  • It will integrate images as illustrations, including a Featured Image** for the post.

**minimum width x height = 675 x 372 pixels
**preferred & maximum width x height = 1038 x 576 pixels

photo by Nicolás Rupcich
architecture by Herzog & de Meuron

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