Five Theses (5%)

Due: Sunday, September 6th @ 9pm as a new Blog Post

In teams of two or three, create five (5) possible theses (as outlined by Skwire & Skwire) for your term writing, along with a list of six legitimate sources of more information for each one. Please include the names of all authors in the blog post.

For your list of sources, use the tools & techniques that Henry provided and in his blog post here.

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  1. Chin Hsu and Suheug Lee

    Thesis # 1. People should find a balance between tradition and modernity.

    1.Pallasmaa, Juhani. “Tradition and modernity: The Feasibility of Regional Architecture in Post-Modern Society.” The Architecture Review, May 1988.
    2. Alejandro M. Savi, “ The Spirit of the New: tradition and modernity in modern architecture.” Roskilde University 3rd Semester Project Report. 2006.
    3.ROBIN MIDDLETON, “The Use and Abuse of Tradition in Architecutre”,
    ,Journal of the Royal Society of Arts , NOVEMBER 1983. pp. 729-739
    4.Abel Wahid El- Wakll, “Identity, Tradition and Architecture”, Islamic Party of Britain, Winter 1992, . 9/5/2015.
    5.David Kolb, “Postmodern Sophistications: Philosophy, Architecture, and Tradition”, 1990.
    6. Wen, Rui. “ Architecture and Tradition.” Research Bank. 2010., 9/5/2015

    Thesis # 2. Architectural styles should be integrated with the function because they are equally important.
    1. Robert, Weitz. “Form Follows Function – A Truism That Isn’t True”. March 21, 2013 11:25 AM,, 9/3/2015
    2. Steven Bradley, “Does Form Follow Function?” March 23rd , 2010. . 9/4/2015
    3. Le Corbusier. “Aiecraft, the new vision”.1935.
    4. Bing Zhu. “A Brief Analyze of Architectural Function and Appearance ”, Sep.3rd.2014
    5. Toni Kotnik. “Digital Architectural Design as Exploration of Computable Functions” June 10, 2010. 9/4/2015
    6. Robert T.Monroe, Andrew Kompanek, Ralph Melton, David B. Graian. “Architectural Styles, Design Patterns, and Objects.” Sep.1996. 9/5/2015

    Thesis# 3. People should stop limit the height of the buildings for a better and more ordered urban design.
    1. Witold Rybczynski & Peter D. Linneman. “How to Save Our Shrinking Cities”. Spring 1999.
    2. Alain Bertaud & Jan K.Brueckner. “Analyzing Building Height Restiction”. April 2004. 9/5/2015
    3. Le Corbusier, “La Ville Radieuse ”. 1924.
    4. Charles Marohn , A case for height restrictions. November 3, 2014
    5. Alon Levy, Pedestrian Obervation For Walkability and Good Transit, and Against Boondoggles and Pollution. Heights Limits: Still a Bad Idea. 2014/11/21
    6. R.A. The Economist. Regulation, A monumental burden. Nov 12th. 2012

    Thesis #4. How do we connect a bond between a city and a city? There should be an interacting bridge between as a connection that improves them.

    1. Kio Stark, Stranger Studies 101: Cities as Interaction Machines, Sep 1, 2010

    2. Wilson, A.G. Complex Spatial Systems: The Modelling Foundations of Urban and
    Regional Analysis, Pearson Education, Harlow, UK (2000)

    3. Florida, R., Gulden, T. and Mellander, Global Metropolis: Assessing Economic
    Activity in Urban Centers Based on Nighttime Satellite Images, Forthcoming
    The Professional Geographer, C. (2011),

    4.Fotheringham, A.S. and Trew,
    Chain Image and Store-choice Modelling: The Effects of Income and Race, Environment and Planning A, R. (1993)

    5. Cecilia Tacoli, Rural-urban interactions: a guide to the literature, Environment and Urbanization, Vol. 10, No. 1, April 1998

    6. International Cooperation on Environment and Development, Policy Research Report on Environment and Development, REGIONAL BALANCE AND GREEN DEVELOPMENT. 2012

    Thesis #5. It is necessary to improving a city by reinventing an existing urban area .

    1. John Gallagher, Revolution Detroit: strategy for urban reinvention. 2010. PRINT

    2. Alessandro Busà , CONFRONTING STRATEGIES IN URBAN REINVENTION Editorial . The Urban Reinventors Paper Series © 2005-2007 The Urban Reinventors

    3. Prepared by Public Sector Consultants Inc. Lansing, Michigan
    Michigan’s Urban and Metropolitan Strategy, January 30, 2012

    4. Amy Lane, Rust and the rest: Reinventing cities, Bridge Magazine contributor, 23 February 2012

    5. Marcia Pledger, The Plain Dealer Urban farm, Sustainable living bug bites long-time garden store owners: Reinvention. July 13, 2015

    6. Roger Bennett and Sharmila Savani, Urban Rebranding: the reinvention of city places. September 6, 2015

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