Theory Presentation (15%)

Due: 7am before the presentation, as a new blog post and link to the online presentation (or an upload to ANGEL).

The discussants for the day’s reading will prepare a compelling 20 minute presentation and a thoughtful short (<500w) commentary summarizing their reaction to the readings, addressing the following issues:

  • Who is the author? Who are the main authors referenced in the text?
  • What is the author’s thesis? Why do you think the author wrote this piece?
  • What evidence does the author use to support his/her argument? Do you believe this evidence? Why?
  • How does the author acknowledge competing explanations or understandings?
  • What assumptions does the author make? Is he/she explicit about these assumptions?
  • How and why does this work matter to the field of architecture? Why do you think Rebecca assigned this reading?
  • Provide at least two questions for extended and thoughtful class discussion.

Relevant Works:

The entire presentation should include images of architectural works relevant to the reading. They can be projects that the author(s) laud or excoriate. Additionally, select work that you believe embodies or rejects the principles argued for in the reading. Include names of the project team, plans, sections, elevations, and photographs, as well as sources of images and information.

Note: No slide shall have more than 25 words.

As an alternative to Powerpoint for this presentation, feel free to examine other online presentation services & link to your presentation in the blog post:

Evaluation of this assignment will be according to the Discussion Evaluation Rubric.

Mon 9/14Why We BuildRebeccaAddiexxxx
Mon 9/21On CritiquePaigeSuhengMegan
Mon 9/28Wicked ProblemsJohnStephxxxx
Mon 10/5StandardsCarolineBridgetxxxx
Wed 10/14Architectural
Mon 10/19Semiotics 1AndrewHaleyChin
Wed 10/21Semiotics 2AliLindsayVeronica
Mon 10/26BiophiliaJustinChrisxxxx
Mon 11/2Multiple LogicsAndrewJomarxxxx
Wed 11/11ContingencyAndrewBernardoxxxx

featured image by Gabriel Jorby

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