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SD Project Statement

Our site is located in the Greenpoint area more specifically on the Bushwich Inlet in Brooklyn, NY. This area is basically surrounded buy industrial and also residential buildings that shaped the area that we see today. The site is defined, in a clear way, by two main streets of the area (Franklin Street and Quay Street). These two streets create an interesting shape in the site. My proposal is to build a structure along those two roads by emphasizing the intersection, and create pavilion like structures that emerge from this main one in order to create exterior communal spaces. According to the information gathered in the site visit, they want a firehouse that addresses communal activities and interaction between the firefighters and the users.

By emphasizing this void spaces created by the structures, the firefighters and the building users will have spaces for sharing and transitional spaces that connect two main spaces together to provide the feeling of unity. The idea also is create a building that emphasizes these connections by using transparent materials such as glass and other similar products. The courtyard/exterior spaces created will be design in a way that serve, as communal spaces were people could gather around and share.

Training is also an important part of in the process of becoming a firefighter and this aspect will have an important space in my design to emphasize its importance and the idea of good preparation.