I’m Arif Masrur, a GIScience PhD student at Penn State. I’m interested in spatio-temporal data mining, geo-visual analytics, and spatial modeling and simulation.  I’m working with Prof. Donna J. Peuquet  and Prof. Alan MacEachren at the GeoVISTA Center. Previously, in my Masters I worked with Prof. Andrey N. Petrov at the ARCTICenter, University of Northern Iowa, and carried out research project that focused on investigating multi-scale wildfire-climate dynamics in the Pan-Arctic tundra ecosystems.

Research Interests:

  • Data Mining, (Geo)Visual Analytics
  • Machine Learning (active, deep, reinforcement)
  • Wildfire Ecology and Urban Environmental Systems

Currently, at the GeoVISTA Center I’m focusing on developing and implementing data mining and visualization techniques to discover interesting (i.e., meaningful and actionable) knowledge from space-time bigdata, particularly in urban contexts (e.g., urban car traffic, air pollution, energy consumption, and so on). I’m also interested in immersive analytics. Over the summer 2017 at ChoroPhronesis, I have developed Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) prototypes that provide interactive immersive learning platform (specifically, for K-12 and introductory level geoscience students) in which the learning process can be enhanced through seamless navigation between dynamically linked 3D real-world objects, data (both aspatial and spatial), and multimedia contents (e.g., 360° images).

See demo uploaded on YouTube: VR and AR prototypes