January 25

How To make an Animation (GIF) in Photoshop CS6 CS5 or 4 *HD* *Voice TUT

  1. open image in
  2. Unlock image layer.
  3. Go to windows and click (Timeline).
  4. Go to timeline and click (Create frame).
  5. Get rid of the background by using the “magic wound tool” click backspace to get checked background deselect.
  6. Click the move tool to the object image.
  7. Create a new layer. Fill with white using the paint bucket tool.
  8. Put the image layer over the white layer.
  9. Shrink the image using shift alt Z.
  10. Have the image placed where you want it in the first layer than add a second slide in your timeline.
  11. Click the first layer hold command select the second layer use the twinning tool. Add any number of frames to move image.
January 23


Date                                                           Details 

Thursday Jan 11, 2018,                            A thought process of what my project should be like.

Thursday Jan 23, 2018,                           The thesis timeline and contract are complete.

Thursday Feb 14, 2018,                           For week 6 I will have my 12 concept design for my for posters                                                                                finished and then choice out 6 final designs.

Thursday Mar 28, 2018,                          On week 11 I will have the 6 posters near completion and ready for                                                                        upload to the blog.

Thursday May 4, 2018,                            Teach everyone on the making of my animated gif poster with all examples present.


List of tutorials:

Youtube many helpful videos on the matter of editing with photoshop and Adobe Pre. How to create an Animated GIF in photoshop/ Adobe Creative Cloud

January 23



A poster is an infographic that can be posted to any area so that the viewer or the collective audience can think and feel something about the image. Like each movie poster you see today, the images for this project will have a specific purpose, with a little twist: they move. The feeling that you get when staring at the main character surrounded by friends or enemies in a endless cycle of movement paints a picture of what will happen in the film. The tension and expression is displayed using the images’ negative spacing and and other visual principles. To complete this project the many online tutorials and examples presented will help make the poster motion stand out.

January 16

Semiotic Square_415

The semiotic square, also known as the Grimes square, is a tool used in structural analysis of the relationships between semiotic signs through the opposition of concepts, such as feminine-masculine or beautiful-ugly, and of extending the relevant ontology.

What: Graphic design many unique title page.

Who: On the computer using a combination of Adobe Pre/ After effects and Maya.

Why: The purpose is to draw the viewer in to raise question and capture their interest.

May 2

Coming in 2018

My finish project is meant to reflect how a tv channel prepares for the upcoming months or the year its self. Combining snippets of the previous intros that I made using Adobe Premiere Pro, I will go step by step how I manage that as well as recap the many uses After effects has for your video.

In premiere pro when comprising your video sometimes you need to cut it speed it up or even add sound to add a touch to it.

1.To cut/trim clips or soundtrack on premiere pro, > lock any track containing a clip that you don’t want to split. > Press Ctrl+Shift+K (Windows), . > or look for the Razor tool icon to split all tracks at the same point in a Timeline panel.

2. In the timeline panel, select one or more clips Click (Windows) select a non-contiguous group of clips in the panel. >Choose Clip right-click over a selected clip and choose Speed/Duration. > Click OK.

To fade in a clip’s audio, Drag an audio transition from the effects panel to a timeline panel so that it snaps to the In point of the audio clip.

To fade out a clip’s audio, Drag an audio transition from the effects panel to a timeline panel so that it snaps to the Out point of the audio clip.

To fade out a clip it self, go to effects tab > find the opacity in setting > and click the keyframe from the beginning of the clip> change how  ever you want.

April 6

The Rift After Effects and Maya Touturial

In this intro I will go over the steps it takes to place a Maya model in Adobe AE as well as explain how to make your own portal wave scene.

Image result for aeAfter Effects: Shockwave steps (No Plug-ins

  • Create a new composition> name it> click ok.
  • Create new layer> new solid> name it> click ok.
  • Look at the right side of the screen to effects> type in fractal noise> drop it into the screen and it should change> look to the left and turn the invert effect on> fractal type to dynamic progression. it will change the look of your fractal-like smoke.> Then you can just change the contrast, brightness, and anything there as you want.
  • To make a circle shape go to ellipse mask tool and draw a tiny one in the center of the screen.

To edit the fractal noise to make it more realistic follow these next steps 

  • Keyframe the mask path and the feather> click the selection tool its the arrow and drag your portal to exact center if ever moved.> turn the feathering up> keyframe the expansions.
  • For animation go to evolution and alt click it> add x 150 this will cause your fractal to phase randomly trough out your video.
  • Transform change offset turbulence to move the position of your effect.> keyframe it.> then move it in any direction as you please. Select all keyframes> Keyframe assistant> Easy ease>
  • Go to clip slider> brightness keyframe >and move it to the beginning of clip> So that when it plays the effect will brighten as it moves along.
  • F9 all selected keyframes and move them a bit closer to the brightness.
  • Make a new layer and repeat the same steps or copy paste it if you can.> Name new layer 2 so you know which is which then go back into 1 and hide the other. This time add an Adjustment layer call it shockwave.> Go to effects> type in polar coordinates> turn up Interpolation> change Type of conversion to rect to polar. This is what you should get as a result. Turn on the other layer.
  • Effects> Color> change it any way you see fit. and you can do this for the other layer.
  • Keyframe the size of both effects> as you move the clip slider just make the effects slightly bigger until you reach the end.

Image result for Maya 2016 iconIn Maya, you can send your object file/camera to After effects for your video.

  • Save your camera and objects as an ASCII file> and then render it> Depending on how you rendered it will determine the save time.
  • Open After effects> and import the sequence.> Add intro title> Save.



February 14

Adobe Premiere_No Sky tutorial

No sky is about a post dystopian world where everyone is divided not by race or believe but by law and order. You ether choose a side or get left behind. No sky is like no hope.

In this project I will teach the class about some off the cool effects you can use in ether premiere or in after effects.

In Premiere pro

  1. Step Apply the Calculations Effect. If you go to your Effects panel, and select calculations. …
  2. Step Choose a color channel for the Input Chanel. …
  3. Step Choose a color channel for the Second Layer Channel. …
  4. Step Change the Second Layer Opacity.

In Premiere Pro I used “Create a glitch (distortion) effect in Premiere Pro | Cinecom.net”

in here I searched for rbg color balance in effects library> drag it to you clip> duplicate layer and move them top to bottom.>set each color except for one to 0%> repeat this for other two clips

All three channels showed show one of these colors red, blue and green. To blend then together click on clip and set opacity to on screen>repeat this step for other two clips.>After wards go to motion property at top left corner area> find a point you want to add effect in and click the key frame bottom> You can pretty much mess around with scale and position however you want.> save.

for text Matte Effect I went to  “How to place a VIDEO inside TEXT In Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial”

  1. Add video clip > file new tittle or command t> press OK after naming it> create title then drag it into video from bin.> in effects panel go to keying> and drag in track matte key to video.> in effects control go to the last track matte key> select video 2.