Transdisciplinary Inquiry, Practice, and Possibilities

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APRIL 1-3, 2016

The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

The conference is made possible through a grant from the Institute for the Arts & Humanities at Penn State, and support from The College of Arts & Architecture, the Penn State School of Visual Arts, and the Art Education Program.
In 1965, Penn State hosted a ten-day seminar which has since became a benchmark in academic art education. The 1965 seminar influenced profoundly the study and practice of art education in the United States as it brought together artists, art historians, critics art educators, curriculum experts, and psychologists. Considered a landmark in the field, the 1965 seminar shifted the focus of art education from psychologically grounded, developmental approaches to teaching and researching to a more self-conscious stance as part of the humanities and interdisciplinary scholarship.
The Penn State Seminar in Art Education: 50 Years of Transdisciplinary Inquiry, Practice, and Possibilities (April 1-3, 2016) will convene a group of prominent and rising scholars who represent the field of art education from other institutions as well as colleagues from across the Penn State campus in related areas, for featured papers, roundtable presentations, and breakout sessions.
The conference is positioned among a series of events and projects sponsored by the Art Education Program at Penn State to commemorate the 1965 Seminar in Art Education for Research and Curriculum Development. The conference seeks to revisit visions of art education established a half century ago and to consider emerging issues and directions in the field.

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The conference was also made possible by a generous contribution from Eric D. Brown ’49, in memory of his favorite art educator, his beloved wife Grace Brown.

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