All about me

Hello! A little bit about me: I am an avid technology hacker, accessibility consultant, instructional designer, and rabid composter. I am also deaf, and have bi-lateral cochlear implants. In a former life, I obtained a dual degree Ph.D. in Philosophy and Women’s Studies. While teaching and taking residential and online courses as a graduate student, I invented and implemented a number of teaching, learning, and technology hacks to improve my own and my students’ access to educational content. Currently, I am an Accessibility Technologist at Penn State. I divide my time between the TLT Accessibility team and Office of Disability Services. My job is to help ensure compliance of Penn State’s information technology resources¬†with policy and federal law by providing testing and consulting¬†services, and personalized support for assistive technology. I do this by (1) helping students identify and optimize appropriate access technologies and (2) developing custom knowledge management systems and workflows to promote learner success and¬†independence. I also edit, reformat, and redistribute course texts and content in accessible formats for STEM fields.

Office for Disability Services
Teaching and Learning with Technology
The Pennsylvania State University * 814 689 9793
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