Chain Reaction Team

Each year a team from Penn State ASME enters into the College of Engineering’s Chain Reaction competition, previously known as Rube Goldberg. A chain reaction machine is a complex device that has many steps to complete a simple task.

Last year’s team traveled to Purdue, and looks forward to attending again in Spring 2020!


3D Printing Service

Have an idea that you want to prototype?

Taking EDSGN 100 or ME 340?

Penn State ASME offers members free 3D Printing Services for all their small concept prototyping needs!


*** Note: Stipulations apply. Speak to 3D Printing Chair for further details.


Battle Bots

Want to build a robot that smashes and thrashes? Join the ASME Battle Bots team!

Students work together as a team to design, build, and compete with the robot to compete at national competitions!



If you are interested in participating in anything Design related,

please contact the ASME Design ChairĀ