Harmful affects of social media

Social media is a huge part of life for the average person today. Over 750 million people have Facebook accounts worldwide, and nearly half of them log on daily to check what is new with their friends, family, or catch up on the news. As we move toward the time of the Presidential election, social media is a gateway of expression for many. Social media gives many groups an individuals a voice, one that before they felt the didn’t have, to express their point of view on any topic they wish. Facebook and Twitter are two of the largest media outlets that offer free expression.

Social media is a great tool for sharing opinion or debating information with others over the internet, but it can also be harmful. Just as we see in everyday life, there are bullies everywhere. I personally think that the internet has given this type of person the ability to say things they might not normally to someone’s face. They can simply log onto the computer and blast hurtful messages without any real form of accountability. More and more, we are seeing cases of this end in tragedy.

Sometimes we even find that the media are the ones doing the bullying. In the days of celebrities and paparazzi, we see false news reports everywhere claiming everything imaginable about the lives of famous individuals. I have read an interesting account of the media attacking an average woman following her death due to overdose. The media published story after story about this poor woman, making it incredibly difficult for her family to put her to rest properly.

I think social media can and is a great tool. I use it everyday to keep in contact with many of my friends, near and far. But there is a need to draw a line to what is proper etiquette for these virtual relationships. Mental health and stability is an important factor with the way people communicate online. It is necessary to recognize that comments made have the ability to push someone over the edge.


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