Promoting Positivity

In today’s society our communities have become so superficial. We have been blinded by things that only give instant gratification, yet can be very harmful to us. Marketing advertisers make merchandise, ideas, lifestyles adjustments look so desirable, yet we fail to acknowledge the actual harm that can potentially be done.

When you watch television you see many commercials and advertisements of company’s promoting services or products that they wish to sell. Sometimes I often see commercials marketing a service or product that is not good for consumers. It is important to create a community of healthy people that will thrive and practice good habits.

Smoking is one habit that can be very detrimental to one’s health. However, I feel that the media has been doing a good job at showing how harmful smoking can be. I have come across several commercials that have shown reenactments of what smoking can potentially do to your body and how much people are willing to sacrifice in order to continue their smoking habit. I have never had the desire to smoke, however, after watching those commercials I can honestly say I really would not want to risk engaging in that type of activity.

Overall, when I think about other advertisements and commercials it makes me feel good to see that advertisers are stressing the severity of cigarettes in a way that is very convincing. They use factual statistics that show how it has affected people over a period of time and they also place a gruesome reference in people’s minds that will make you not want to try smoking cigarettes.

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