Is Bottled Water Actual Better?

For the past decade, the use of bottled water has sky rocketed. It has become the fastest growing segment of non-alcoholic beverages, pulling in an estimated $22 billion. (Ferrier 2001) The reasons consumers choose bottled water over tap water vary from country to country and can be influenced by several factors. However, a study completed in 1993 showed nearly half of U.S citizens prefer bottled water due to perceived health benefits/risks. (Ferrier 2001) Many Americans simply believe bottled water is healthier than tap. With a society obsessed with health and weight loss, people are willing to pay up to ten thousand times more for bottled water. (Olsen 1999)

However, 40-60% of bottled water produced globally is simple packaged tap water. (Canadean 2004) In countries with less strict water standards, the advantages of bottled water may be clear. This is not the case in America. The increase usage in bottle water is actually harming our environment. Nearly 85% of all bottles are not recycled and end up in a landfill.

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As society pushes the benefits of drinking more water, it is important to understand that bottled water is typically no better/worse for the body than tap water. Americans concerned with the safety of their water can purchase a filter for added protection. So save your dollars and drink tap water. Cheers!



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