Diversity Coming To A City Near You

I like to think we live in an era where people are more open to new cultures and beliefs. In reality there are many areas in the US that lack diversity. It is the year 2018 we are living in a modern era, but individuals are still being discriminated. It bewilders me how people are still being classified as being part of the minority or majority group. This classification to me is useless and should not be eliminated.

Diversity is an on-going issue in the US this includes the workforce and communities. Many areas that lack diversity the struggle with discrimination and equality as well. In Cumberland County located in Southwest Pennsylvania there are many college towns and surprisingly 85% of the population is white. (Despite a lack of racial diversity, there are still issues of integration in America’s College Towns) It is said that the area is very conservative and have strong religious views. This brings to question are these factors related to other areas in the US that lack diversity?

There is some interesting data stating that “by 2055 the U.S. will not have a single racial or ethnic majority.” (Cohn, D., & Caumont, A.2016 March 31) The US is growing, and more people are interacting despite their origin. What is happening is that the millennial’s are becoming the new adult generation. The millennial’s are 43% nonwhite and are the most divers generation in Americas history. It seems the old way of thinking is going away, and this will create better opportunities for everyone.

Studies show that 55% of Americans are “comfortable” with the US becoming more divers. (Diversity, Culture Remain Major Fault Lines in American Politics) America is a nation of immigrants there is not one race makes the Country. It is the combination of many ethnic backgrounds that make America great, we need to forget about what group we fall under. The classification of minority and majority is becoming a thing of the past. Whether you agree or not change is coming.

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  1. Caroline Williams

    From personal experience, I can definitely agree with your assertions about certain areas lacking diversity. In my graduating class of over 400 students at my high school, there were only two black students. I think discrimination in my town was a major reason for this lack of diversity. The few non-white student who did attend my school were often bullied or left out of prominent social circles. The area as a whole also had very strong conservative and religious views, like the town you mentioned.

    Now, I live about 30 minutes away from my high school, but my community is predominantly black. It is very interesting to me that despite institutional protections that have been put in place to prevent racial discrimination, individual communities in short proximity can still vary greatly in terms of diversity.

  2. Although I am aware that it shouldn’t surprise me, I am often taken aback when I witness acts of prejudice and discrimination first hand. I think some of the most shocking displays are those that are demonstrated by our youth. It’s obvious that most of these discriminatory ideas are learned socializations; however, it’s a continuation of a vicious cycle.
    As a woman who is married to a black/Asian man with two mixed race children, some of these statistics are exciting and relieving to me. The expulsion of a single ethnic majority and possible reduction of prejudice and discrimination would be a positive evolution.
    As wonderful as the idea of a more accepting world is, this idea does leave me with some pause. Would a more unified race reduce the opportunity for prejudice and discrimination? Or, would this create a void to fill with some new form of discrimination?

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