Education in the United States is not the same quality as it used to be.

Education and especially higher education is very crucial in 2018 and for the future years to come.  Almost every profession requires an adult to have at the bare minimum a bachelors degree or if not higher.  According to an article I found and read by the huffington post the United States of America used to be “envyed by other countries and people from around the world would work extremely hard to come here for an education.”  However, this has been declining and students from the United States and from all over are looking for countries that offer free higher education programs so they can avoid paying back student loans.  Student loans put students in a debt that some can never get out of and in result the student ends up struggling to pay these loans off.  “The emotional and physical stress it causes a student affects their decision making, lifestyle choices, and ability to make rational decisions.  Because of the enormous debt I know many people from high school who all chose to go different routes and avoid college because they did not want to be stuck with paying back thousand of dollars in loans.  Instead they went to a trade school where tuition is significantly cheaper and got a trade job just after two years of schooling.  Yes, they had loans to pay however paying back the loans was doable and did not set the student back financially.  Years ago students went to school and paid back their loans but their tuition was not nearly as high as it is now.  “While our students don’t get a break from their debts, bankers responsible for the financial crash of 2008 received over $700 billion in the bailout. On top of this, the government has made a commitment for another $16 trillion. The cost of the Iraq war is estimated at $2.5 trillion as of now and is forecast to be $6 trillion in a few decades, counting interest, as we borrowed money for the war.  Our politicians have no problem paying interest in trillions of dollars for a war of choice, but they have no interest in investing in the future of our younger generation. Our politicians are willing to lobby for big corporations and special interests but are not interested in representing our students.”  These numbers to me are frightening because this is the future generations just trying to do better for themselves and for the generations after them and so on.  Discrimination also plays a huge role with education and even after education.  For example, my fiances father comes from a rural country and came to the United States to give a better life to his family etc.  He has a masters in engineering and he still faces discrimination while going to job interviews.  Because of this he has lost out on many jobs and it is something that not only started when he first enrolled in school but is something he still faces and deals with today.  Although there are laws and disclosure terms and conditions that specifically state that race, sexual orientation, etc. will not affect you in terms of getting a job it still does happen and people still are dealing with this issue even after they get a masters in computer engineering! 



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  1. Iman Ayman Chehouri


    I found your blog to be very interesting. It is very true that education in the United States has changed over the years. One of the main aspects a lot of students suffer from is student loans in order to obtain higher education. Unfortunately, now-a-days, decent jobs are not hiring students who have a high-school diploma. The bare minimum job requirement for these types of jobs need a bachelors degree. Sometimes, a bachelors does not seem to be enough either and students are looking to an even higher level of education to pursue the careers they want. This has developed into a cycle that most students fall into the unavoidable pit of student loans in order to get a college education. I enjoyed reading your post!

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