Social Change in the United States

Social change is something that we are always going to witness and see happening as people evolve.  Usually social change is for the better and helps people accept others for who they are/want to be.  For example, big groups that are bringing social change to the communities around the United States is the LGBQT community.  The LGBQT community is for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights.  They started in the late 1980’s and they really started this organization because they believed that the “gay community” does not necessarily represent everyone.  Their purpose is to bring awareness and acceptance to all individuals despite what their sexual orientation is.  They also like celebrate their pride, diversity, individuality, and sexuality.  Every year their typically is a LGBQT parade in NYC and this parade is to demonstrate for legal rights such as same sex marriage.  Although some states have implemented this as a legal right in their state not all of the states in the United States have adopted this law.  I think it is important for groups like the LGBQT to bring awareness and show their determination to gain the legal rights that they want to see happen.  Again, everyone despite their sexual orientation are people and they should be able to choose who they want to marry and be able to do so legally and rightfully.  So again I think that social change is needed to bring more individuals up to date and understand that they deserve the same rights that a heterosexual couple would have.  Social change is important for the evolution of people in general.  Another example is if you look back to 51 years ago… interracial marriage was finally legally allowed in all the states in the United States.  Allowing a couple of different race to be able to marry also took social change to make this occur.  This allowed different social relations to take place for a couple of two different races because it was now legally allowed in all states.  If the law was never passed in all states I am sure that social relations between a black and white couple in a state that allows them to get married would be different in a state that did not allow them to be married.  Social change is extremely important for society and even for people for growth, acceptance, diversity, and much more.

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