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Our world has changed drastically in the past 25 years with technology. We have phones that we can take anywhere with us without it being plugged into a wall. They have even made cellphones like a mini computer. Now they have video games, computer games, phone games, fast internet and more. All of these advances in technology has helped us to escape from our everyday lives during our free time. Since we have all of these resources at our disposal, how does these advances effect our well being?

One technological advancement that helps us to escape the most from our busy lives is an RPG video game. An RPG is a role-playing game. In this game you can create a character to look anyway you want, be anything you want, and have skills that you choose. This is a great way to “fulfill real-world social needs through interaction during imaginative play”(Adams, Aubrie S. 2013). This type of game play can let the adult mind wander and use our imaginations. Most adults struggle with this concept but playing these games the tools are easily accessible to help you along the way. For example, if you have always wanted blue hair and piercings but your employer will not allow it, then you might make your character to look that way. Therefore you are projecting your desires into your video game as a supplement to satisfy your wants or needs. Also in these games you can complete quests, which are like tasks to complete in order to move onto the next section of the game. These make you feel good about yourself, like you crossed a task off your to-do list. Researchers have found that RPG’s “have been shown to teach children the self-concept, behavioral
changes, cognitive abilities, social skills, and anxiety management” (Adams, Aubrie S. 2013).

Another great tool in these type of games are the social interactions. In the game you can communicate with real people and complete quests with others to make the challenges easier and more fun. This is a way to build friendships. Since friendships occur when at least two people have common interests. Most new video game consoles have an option to talk over headsets to players during game time, this allows for friendships to flourish and maybe even for people to meet in person. People who are friends already from work or school can plan times to both get on a game at the same time in order to be in their own comfort of their homes while having fun together. All in all these RPG’s are a great way to escape from the world that tells us how to live our lives.


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