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When it comes to fitness there are many different options out there. Each option provides different results and includes different exercises. Individuals can select group exercises, solo exercises, cardio based workouts, weight training and many other different options. Due to so many options out there, it can be hard to separate everything and select the best workout plan depending on the goal for that individual. CrossFit is a type of workout program that has been around for a while and continues to grow and gain momentum. One of the things that has helped CrossFit gain popularity is the sense of community because this is something that is very different from the traditional gym in which people work out by themselves and don’t speak to anyone.

A community is a group of individuals that are connected to each other by one or more attributes (Morgan, 2015). The element that brings them together is the core of the group which could change over time. People have access to many different communities based on their interest and ultimately a community is about growing with other people. Humans beings are social beings that thrive best when connected with others. It is a mistake to think that most humans prefer the solitary life because the truth is that we are the most comfortable when we are connected and sharing emotions and stories with others (Morgan, 2015). People find that sense of belonging/community in a church, friends, family, social media, sports and many other ways. That sense of belonging and community is what makes CrossFit slightly different from other exercise programs.

A study showed that when it came to sense of community CrossFit was significantly higher when compared to other physical activity groups (Pickett et al., 2016). Participants that had a higher sense of community about their physical activity had a higher perceived value of the service provided. Also, participants that said that their gym had a high sense of community enjoyed going there more. This leads to more frequent attendance and commitment. It is important to point out the impact that sense of community can have when it comes to exercise. The social aspect is something that people are obviously searching for and finding it through exercise can help them grow in many different ways. CrossFit is welcoming to everyone and allows people to connect through exercise. Fitness is something that a lot of people are looking for, but being able to find a community that shares the same goal is what makes this special. While everyone is different and has different fitness goals, the group setting concept is what keeps people coming and attending. These type of gyms are not only for extremely fit people because the workouts can be scaled depending on the ability of each individual. When it comes to CrossFit is more about competing with yourself and allowing the group help push you past your limits (Blake, 2013). Members really value and emphasize the sense of community associated with their gym. It is really about the encouragement and finding like minded people that share a common goal (Blake, 2013).


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