I Married Myself

We are all much too familiar with the concept that “opposites attract”. This is widely used in Hollywood romcoms to show unlikely couples coming together. Giving hope to the audience of those movies that maybe, one day, George Clooney might show up at their front door as their knight in shining armor. However, as much as we want to believe that opposites attract, they don’t – at least not for a long time! The main concept of attraction is the fact that like attracts like. Ultimately, we are drawn towards people that look similar to us due to subconscious bias. This bias tells us that specific features that might be similar to ours are more familiar and therefore, more attractive (Ducharme, 2019).

I remember experiencing a similar concept to this with one of my previous relationships. My partner at the time started to slowly look more and more like me. She ended up changing her hair, the shape of her glasses, and the next thing I knew – she looked just like me! Or maybe me with a dash of Sue Perkins from the Great British Baking Show. The resemblance didn’t seem that intense to me until other people started to point out the obvious and joke about how they can’t tell us apart. I immediately had thoughts of narcissism where I thought that I was potentially too full of myself and wanted to date someone that looked just like me. But just like the Time’s article states, our nature to be drawn towards something that is familiar and similar is just a simple fact of attraction (Ducharme, 2019).


Ducharme, J. (2019, April 4). Why Do So Many Couples Look Alike? Here’s the Psychology Behind the Weird Phenomenon. Retrieved from https://time.com/5553817/couples-who-look-alike/.

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