Counseling, We All Need It

Counseling psychology is socially profound and beneficial for many individuals and communities. Counseling is a way to help navigate through issues or disorders from either a clinical or social/ environmental perspective. I know most of the people around me in my life have gone to counseling at some point in their lives (including myself), even if it for a short time. Most of the time, from these individuals I know of, they sought counseling for this reason either directly or indirectly; STRESS.

I remember my sophomore year, and my friend recommended that I see their therapist because I was extremely stressed out and going through a lot at that moment. They told me how going to counseling as helped them know themself better so they can perform daily at their best without the heavy weight on their shoulders. I agreed and saw the therapist they recommended and began to work out what I needed to. Through this process, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, and stressors can make things worse. I was able to learn techniques to help with managing stress, and I would have never learned how to if I never started counseling.

It’s hard not to be stressed or face challenges in today’s world. We have jobs, classes, families, financial obligations, deadlines, and sometimes all those are on the plate at once. These issues are common among many individuals in society. If we work through our struggles and hardships with the help of counseling from an educated and trained professional when needed, we can make better choices and use helpful techniques to better ourselves and use those talents we have without facing the stress alone.


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