Divided color

The moment people discover the distinction that someone is usually different from me is usually when they perceive the division into ‘we’ and ‘them’ and this creates stereotypes about ‘them’. Even though they are all different and varied, if they find an easy sign between others that suggest they are all the same (such as skin color, religion, national origin, and economic status) they don’t care about the individual differences and just think of the unit as ‘them’.

The gaze of ‘them’ that does not belong to ‘us’ is often hostile and unfairly biased. This is because the fact that the onlooker or onlooking group belongs to ‘we’ makes them feel safer and gives them a sense of belonging and superiority.

Nowadays, as I receive news about racism caused by coronavirus, I ponder what to do and what to do to keep from being prejudice. It is time to check and evaluate for yourself whether the majority of thoughts are right and whether there are any prejudices unconsciously accepted without your knowledge.

In order to be an uncritical accepter of a given thought without our thoughts, I continue to ask and check whether my thoughts are right or wrong. The basics of human rights start with equality. As human beings, we must not forget that the dignity of human beings applies equally to everyone. It is a necessary attitude to recognize that the rights of others are as important as my rights and are equally precious.

‘A class divided Prejudice primarily viewed people’s lives as limiting their lives, narrowing their horizons and shrinking the world. Discrimination also distorts the lives of others, sometimes millions’.

Peters, W. (1987). A class divided: then and now. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.


  1. Racism is definitely alive and well in 2020 but perhaps a bit more subtle than in previous generations. I really enjoyed watching “A Class Divided”. I thought the approach to minimizing racism and prejudice was so logical. Its’ the golden rule – do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. It wasn’t until these children experienced prejudice first hand as the victim that they began to realize the emotional toll that prejudice takes and then make the decision to do better.
    I feel like a major aspect of racism and prejudice is judging and a lack of empathy. People who speak out again racism are often judged for doing so. I’ve heard more times that I can count someone say something judgmental and make stereotypes about people’s reactions to facing racism. It’s sad that while some people live with the ‘collar around their necks’ everyday that others never face a single prejudice and are so fast judge others based on their race, ethnicity, or culture. Empathy is so critically important. Once you understand what it feels like to be judged and discriminated against, you will be less likely to judge or discriminate against others.

  2. Unfortunately there is still discrimination in today’s world. We tend to view others who do not look like us differently, and unknowingly become judgmental and create room for prejudice and racism. There is one Korean movie that many of us might have watched, the movie’s title is “Parasite.” This film talks about a tale of two families from opposite ends of the socioeconomic spectrum. Long story short, those on the upper rungs of the societal ladder look down upon those whom are not as privileged. As for the news about racism caused by Covid-19 is sad. It demonstrates how ignorant some people are. Is almost like when people think America just consists of the United State of America.
    One thing I keep in my notes from what we learnt earlier:
    Stereotype = Belief; Prejudice = Attitude; Discrimination = Behavior.

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