Online learning is a lot harder than you think.

“How hard could going to school online really be?”

That is a question I am asked more times than I can count. It is a lot harder than a lot of people think. In some of my classes, there is hardly any material posted by the instructor; it was just “read this chapter in your textbook and take this quiz” It was almost as if I was trying to teach myself everything that I needed to know.

For me, math is my weakness, so taking a math class all online seemed like a death sentence for me. Being a psychology major, we have to take a statistic class, I was TERRIFIED! There was no way I was going to pass. When I got to Stat 200, I would spend hours with a tutor; I would meet with my professor through zoom, email, and phone communication. It was a lot harder than when I took a math class in high school and just had to raise my hand to get help.

Online learning, you don’t get that personal communication between your teacher and your peers. You are left physically alone, but virtually you have everything you need at your fingers tips. Sometimes you just need to look for it. If I were to answer the “how hard could it be?” question accurately, I would have to say, “It is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do!”


  1. Online learning can be a real challenge! Everyone thinks it must be so easy compared to sitting in a classroom, but it really isn’t. You have to be very self motivated and have to be able to keep up at sometimes a grueling pace. You can develop great relationships and can learn effectively, but sometimes it is harder to get support and you don’t have the same level of authentic discussion because you are not face to face. They try to force discussions through discussion boards and things but that is really not how real face to face discussion in a classroom goes, it just isn’t the same. Online learning has its conveniences but it is a much larger challenge in some ways than traditional on campus learning.

  2. I am also a psychology student with a Math weakness. I had to drop Math 21, the ONLY course I have dropped in four years, in favor of a different Math class, so I was afraid to take Stats 200 but passed by the skin of my teeth. (Smile). I have loved some of my online courses and some of the instructors so well that if I see them teaching another course I need I grab it quick. It is a blessing to find an instructor that has built their own module or at least really seems to enjoy teaching. Online learning is not for the faint of heart. Great comment.

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