exoplanets.org is hiring!

I need to hire a computer / IT person for long-term, very part time work (~10 hrs/month) to manage exoplanets.org.

The backend was all written by the very capable Onsi Fakhouri, who built the site as a graduate student and maintained it at cut-rate prices for years as a labor of love.  Alas, his job and family commitments no longer allow him to keep this hobby, and we are grateful for his service.  So, a new era dawns, and we need a new Webmaster.

And there’s lots to do!  We have some minor bug requests (error bars don’t work across units on the cvs output, line thicknesses can be hard to change in Chrome, etc.) and lots of new features to implement (upper limits!  Better merging of Kepler and EOD planets!)

Here are the specs for his replacement:

Webmaster needed for long-term, part-time work to upgrade and maintain the backend for educational/research website at www.exoplanets.org.  Job may also include additional Web design for this site.  The successful applicant will work as a consultant using their own computer and bill hourly on a monthly basis. 
The ideal applicant will have, at a minimum:
– Moderate experience with Ruby.  
– Extensive experience with large complex Javascript codebases (jQuery in particular).
– Basic experience with version control (GIT).
– Experience provisioning servers and deploying web applications to servers (Google sites in particular). 
– Good visual and UI design sense
– Familiarity with visual display of scientific information (error bars, log scales, upper and lower limits, units of measure, etc.)
– Flexibility to devote around 10 hrs/month to this project, mostly at their own pace but with occasional need for timely work on short notice
– Ability to commit to the project for at least 2 years, preferably longer
– Initiative to implement new features to improve site functionality
Interested applicants should contact me, Jason Wright, at astrowright@gmail.com with a resume that highlights the above job requirements, lists references I can contact, and (if possible) examples of their UI and Web design sense (UI elegance is one of our site’s primary advantages!).  
I hope fans of this blog will pass this ad along to people who would be good candidates, and encourage them to apply!