MINERVA Bags Its First Planet

Sunday night, MINERVA bagged its first planet.  Jon Swift used Penn State’s T1 sitting in Pasadena, CA to observe WASP-12b:
From exoplanets.org, the literature values from Maciejewski et al. (2011) and Hebb et al. (2009) compare very well to these values:
b: 0.375 +/- 0.0455 (within 1 sigma)
R/R* : 0.138 +/- 0.00016 (within 1 sigma of T1 value)
duration: 2.928 +/- 0.024 (5 sigma discrepancy)
stellar density: 0.44 +/- 0.06 (within 1 sigma)
Of course, we plan on doing this with radial velocities in the future, but for now it’s nice to see that the telescope works.

One thought on “MINERVA Bags Its First Planet

  1. david james

    Congratulations to the entire team, this is a beautiful result !

    Keep up the good work !

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