AstroWright Group and NEID science at #AAS233

Good morning!  Here are some abstracts at the 233rd meeting of the AAS to be sure to grab:


2pm-3:30pm Room 305: Special splinter session for NEID! Come hear all about this new facility precise RV instrument for the community.


140.27: Mark Giovinazzi of Penn presents his work with Cullen Blake on the characterization and operation of the gigantic NEID CCDs.

140.28: See my poster on the science we’ll do with our Guaranteed Time for Observations with NEID


146.02: Come see Emily Lubar’s work on the design and performance of NEID’s amazing, state-of-the-art environmental control system.



9:15am and all day:

Come to the Technosignatures Decadal Writing Workshop in room 202!

See how you can:

  • co-sign a technosignatures white paper
  • contribute to a technosignatures white paper
  • find co-signers for your white paper
  • find new science cases for your white paper
  • recommend citations to your white paper

Kickoff meeting is at 9:15am after the plenaries.

2 thoughts on “AstroWright Group and NEID science at #AAS233

  1. jtw13 Post author

    Hi Harry. I don’t know the answer to your questions! I did not see Greg’s talk, and I look forward to his paper. If you are on Twitter, you might ask on my thread about this post there. You might get a response from a comet expert.

  2. Harry R Ray

    Here’s the crux of the matter. Roman Rafakov’s paper stating that an outgassing tumbling object would be spun-up by such outgassing, and data pointing to `Oumuamua not being spun-up proves that `Oumuamua was not outgassing during its non-gravitational acceleration phase. No paper has come out either attemptin to refute Rafikov’s assertion or in providing a loophole excluding `Oumuamua from this behavior. Greg Laughlin asserted, in his keynote address to the recent AAAS meeting, that he and collegues are about to present a paper stating that `Oumuamua’s total light curve is consistant with an elongated comet with a single jet outgassing. I have two questions for you, Jason. ONE: Would a single outgassing jet BE the loophole I mentioned above? TWO: Would solar radiation pressure ALSO spin-up a tumbling object? RSVP. Thanks

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