Technosignatures White Papers

Here, in one place, are the white papers submitted last year to the Astronomy & Astrophysics decadal survey panels:

  1. “Searching for Technosignatures: Implications of Detection and Non-Detection” Haqq-Misra et al. (pdf, ADS)
  2. “The Promise of Data Science for the Technosignatures Field” Berea et al. (pdf, ADS)
  3. “A Technosignature Carrying a Message Will Likely Inform us of Crucial Biological Details of Life Outside our Solar System” Lesyna (pdf, ADS)
  4. “The radio search for technosignatures in the decade 2020—2030” Margot et al. (pdf, ADS)
  5. ” Technosignatures in Transit” Wright et al. (pdf, ADS)
  6. “Technosignatures in the Thermal Infrared” Wright et al. (pdf, ADS)
  7. “Searches for Technosignatures in Astronomy and Astrophysics” Wright  (pdf, ADS)
  8. “Observing the Earth as a Communicating Exoplanet” DeMarines et al. (pdf, ADS)
  9. ” Searches for Technosignatures: The State of the Profession” Wright et al. (pdf, ADS)

And, because it’s relevant and salient: the Houston Workshop report to NASA by the technosignatures community:

“NASA and the Search for Technosignatures: A Report from the NASA Technosignatures Workshop” (Gelino & Wright, eds.)  (pdf, arXiv)

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